About Us

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Facet RP has all the answers.

Facet RP usually works with all facets of the jewellery industry from the small jeweller to the big casters and manufacturers. We also deal with all industries that benefit from the rapid prototyping. (Eg. dentist, Toy makers).

Like most jewellers you may be facing increased pressure from the big retail chains, imported products and time restraints from customers.

State of the art design and manufacturing technology that is helping many complete with the big companies and imported products. Dramatically giving them the edge over their competitors.

We help companies of all sizes move into the twenty first century by saving time and money.

Facet as a company has been in the jewellery industries for the last 14 years and has over 28 years experience. We have worked with over 450 companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Browse this site to see how we can help your business grow into the future with the latest cutting edge technology.